England as Great Holiday Destination

England has lots of destinations for traveler to visit. If you love surfing, then you can start to play it in chapel beach. You will also find a big shopping center to get anything about England. In London, you will find the History Museum. It’s the popular museum across the globe. England also offers the big national park, known as the Lake District.


Furthermore, in England you can find a number of Anglo-Saxon buildings. There are lots of ancient artifacts. You can find theme in some museums. Another magnet of England is Aquarium. This place is one of the biggest aquariums in the world. It includes The Deep, the Blue Planet Aquarium, Oceanarium Bournemouth, and The National Sea Life Centre. London of UK has large galleries and art museums. The places stopped at around 4, 7 million tourists in 2009. The galleries that have plenty of guests are Tate Britain, The National Portrait Gallery, Kelvin grove Art Gallery, Tate Liverpool, and Manchester Art Gallery.

Not just historical place, England also has several great beaches. The most popular beaches in this destination are Cornwall beach and Devon. There are smaller beaches too that popular by many travelers from all around the world. Some of them are Fistral beach, Chesil beach, as well as the some other beaches in Jurassic shore. Next to the beaches, England also provides several casinos. It is common in the UK. The development of the casinos is created the same as casino in Las Vegas. It targeted at providing a similar setting as the Las Vegas offers.

You will find castles that exist. The London Tower is the largest. In 2009, the place visited by over two million traveler. Some other castles you can visit are Windsor castles, Dover castles, and Warwick castles. England also offers several festivals that are organized regularly. All those fests present cultural and music genre. It is one of the greatest occasions in the world. The last, England also offers a lot of lovely gardens that has countless beautiful flowers. They can grow good to decorate this great destination. So, for those who have spare time, you can think about this land to be journeyed. You can have fun with the interest together with your family and friends. You will find many fantastic landscapes so that that they will become your memorable journey.

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