A Guide to Avios

You may or may not have heard of the previous scheme, Airmiles, which was revamped back in 2011. The Airmiles reward scheme made way for the new and improved Avios scheme, which allows people to collect points on their shopping, or when using their credit card, which can then be saved and redeemed at a later date. Last week, Avios launched a competition called the Big Reward ¨C where you can nominate someone you know for the chance to win pairs of tickets to Avios destinations.

Collecting Avios points is easy. By using a specialist credit card, shopping for groceries at a particular supermarket or filling the tank of your car at a certain petrol station, you can build up the number of points that you have in your account and, if you use them wisely, you can enjoy a range of fantastic treats without breaking the bank.

How do I collect them?

If you don¡¯t already shop at Tesco, the Avios scheme may be reason enough for you to switch supermarkets. For every ¡ê2.50 Tesco voucher that you have, you can convert it to 600 Avios points. Keep converting these vouchers, and you will see your Avios points rise in no time. Sign up for a Tesco Clubcard, and keep an eye out for any ¡®double points¡¯ promotions that crop up on a regular basis.

By signing up for the Shell Driver¡¯s Club, you can also accrue Avios points through your fuel. Fill up your car at the local Shell garage and for every 20 litres you buy, you will collect 10 Avios points.

You can also collect them through the purchase of flights directly from BA or Iberia and also through the use of a specialist credit card from Lloyds/TSB.

If you enjoy shopping online for goods including fashions, technology or homewares, sign into your Avios account first and check to see whether the store you were planning to use is part of the Avios reward scheme. If it is, use the affiliate link on the Avios eStore and you can earn points as you shop, too!

What can I redeem my points on?

Avios points can be redeemed against holidays, flights, hotels, travel and day experiences, meaning that whatever you fancy as a treat, you can enjoy it for less with the Avios scheme. If you¡¯re hoping for a holiday, or a city break, make sure that you understand the various zones and the associated fees, so that you can work out how much you need to pay in advance of booking.

The number of points you will need to part with will vary depending on your chosen destination. As a rule of thumb, the further you plan to fly, the more points it will cost you.

You can also choose from over 150 day experiences, ranging from thrilling adventures to relaxing spa days. Travel options, such as Avis car hire, ferries and Eurostar trips, are also available. If you¡¯re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris to treat the kids, take a look at the accommodation options that you can redeem your Avios points for, meaning that half term can be enjoyed at a fraction of the price.

For anyone interested in travel and the chance to enjoy new experiences, holidays, city breaks and cheaper flights, Avios could be the perfect answer. Head online, sign up for free and start collecting points every time you shop. Before you know it, you¡¯ll have a substantial amount of Avios points to redeem, meaning your next big adventure could be just around the corner.

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