Fukuoka, Japan’s Hidden Gem

You may have heard of the city, Fukuoka but it may not be at the top of your travel list. There are other popular options such as Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido and etc.. Fukuoka is often underrated. The capital of Fukuoka Prefecture and part of the Kyushu Island, it deserves more attention and here are the reasons why.

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A Guide to Avios

You may or may not have heard of the previous scheme, Airmiles, which was revamped back in 2011. The Airmiles reward scheme made way for the new and improved Avios scheme, which allows people to collect points on their shopping, or when using their credit card, which can then be saved and redeemed at a later date. Last week, Avios launched a competition called the Big Reward – where you can nominate someone you know for the chance to win pairs of tickets to Avios destinations.

Collecting Avios points is easy. By using a specialist credit card, shopping for groceries at a particular supermarket or filling the tank of your car at a certain petrol station, you can build up the number of points that you have in your account and, if you use them wisely, you can enjoy a range of fantastic treats without breaking the bank.

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Holiday in Switzerland

Switzerland has some destinations for the vacation. Lots of travelers from all across the world are gone to this country because of its cool weather. They can also relish on some gorgeous scenery. It is also nice to do some climbing and skiing. The tourism market gives 2.9% for the gross local item for this land. Concerning overall data, Switzerland seems so amazing to be discovered.

For the historical past, there is more info. They are the search for the high Alps, a brief history of the Alps, the golden age of alpinism, and also the alpinism. The holidays of this land starts with the climber hiking in British. You are able to reach the highs of Barnese Alps. The tourism in Switzerland was initially established in 19 century. It is maintained by Lunn Travel and Thomas Cook. From then on, the truly amazing advancement follows with the various idea of promoting the area. It makes the travel and leisure becomes increased. No wonder if lots of travelers are seeking to go to Switzerland.

From the fact, the state statistics of travel and leisure is maintained at 1852. This truth is recognized in 1934. This is carried on so far. In 2011, it is known that there are over 4000 accommodations which are listed in this land. It indicates that the tourism industry becomes so excellent that the need of accommodations is growing. Every accommodation serves different categories of room. The whole room from all accommodations is 240.000 beds. It is a major quantity thinking about to the quantity of the traveler.

The economic level can be linked to the tourism. This includes the transportation. The travel industry presents 14.9 billion to the complete major value. Additionally, it can provide lots of people some full work so that they can have the income from the tourism market. Zurich is the main airport of the nation. Additionally, there are some railways that connect to Zurich, Geneva, and Basel.

The Winter Olympics

2014 promises to be a majestic year for the world of sport and the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, has to be one of the most prestigious. Athletes competing from over 90 of the world’s nations will come together to participate in 98 events, spread over 15 winter sports.

It’s the first time that Sochi has held the Winter Games, and it’s the first-time an Olympics festival has been held in the Russian Federation since the break up of the USSR (USSR held the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow).

The games are set to take place 7-23 February and are being billed as the most expensive Olympic Games in history after the original budget of $12 billion has since risen to $51 billion.

It’s another big sporting event that will attract a lot of gambling interest with all major sports books like Unibet offering lines on the 98 events. In a bid to make sure everything is above board, the International Olympic Committee have approached the Nevada Gaming Control Board, to help them prevent match fixing and any other forms of manipulation- although the committee was quick to point out that the partnership is a preventative one and not because they suspect any wrongdoing could damage the games reputation.

The event is going to attract tourists in their droves and the Russian government is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to make them visitors feel as welcome as possible. Traveling to foreign lands at the time of great sporting events is always a great experience and Sochi will be no different, so the Russian government will be deploying a security force of 100,000 people, and that includes 40,000 police and 30,000 active military personnel in a bid to make the games as safe as possible.

England as Great Holiday Destination

England has lots of destinations for traveler to visit. If you love surfing, then you can start to play it in chapel beach. You will also find a big shopping center to get anything about England. In London, you will find the History Museum. It’s the popular museum across the globe. England also offers the big national park, known as the Lake District.


Furthermore, in England you can find a number of Anglo-Saxon buildings. There are lots of ancient artifacts. You can find theme in some museums. Another magnet of England is Aquarium. This place is one of the biggest aquariums in the world. It includes The Deep, the Blue Planet Aquarium, Oceanarium Bournemouth, and The National Sea Life Centre. London of UK has large galleries and art museums. The places stopped at around 4, 7 million tourists in 2009. The galleries that have plenty of guests are Tate Britain, The National Portrait Gallery, Kelvin grove Art Gallery, Tate Liverpool, and Manchester Art Gallery.

Not just historical place, England also has several great beaches. The most popular beaches in this destination are Cornwall beach and Devon. There are smaller beaches too that popular by many travelers from all around the world. Some of them are Fistral beach, Chesil beach, as well as the some other beaches in Jurassic shore. Next to the beaches, England also provides several casinos. It is common in the UK. The development of the casinos is created the same as casino in Las Vegas. It targeted at providing a similar setting as the Las Vegas offers.

You will find castles that exist. The London Tower is the largest. In 2009, the place visited by over two million traveler. Some other castles you can visit are Windsor castles, Dover castles, and Warwick castles. England also offers several festivals that are organized regularly. All those fests present cultural and music genre. It is one of the greatest occasions in the world. The last, England also offers a lot of lovely gardens that has countless beautiful flowers. They can grow good to decorate this great destination. So, for those who have spare time, you can think about this land to be journeyed. You can have fun with the interest together with your family and friends. You will find many fantastic landscapes so that that they will become your memorable journey.

Take a trip to Las Vegas

If you want to go to some of the world’s best casinos, then you can’t beat a trip to hedonistic Las Vegas, where not only do you get a choice of some of the best casinos on the planet, but there is also plenty of other entertainment in this city that was founded to serve the leisure industry.


Today, with an incredible amount of online casinos to choose from, you need never actually go to a land-based casino. You can have a great gaming experience online and if you’re new to the world of online gaming it’s useful to check out the reviews of different sites at http://www.onlinecasinobluebook.com/usa where you’ll find the pros and cons of different casinos all in one place.

But playing in a real casino is a different experience altogether, and many people who have only ever gambled online are now heading to Vegas to try out their luck at the gaming tables and slots machines in person.

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The Backpackers Ultimate Travel Tools

Looking for an alternative way to travel around Spain? Do you want to experience a more personal approach to the places you visit or the culture of the places you travel into? Then it’s time to gear up that backpack and travel in all the places you love via the backpacker’s way.

What exactly is the Backpackers’ Way?

Practicality and an immersed experience is the goal of a backpacker. In travelling communities, when you say backpacker, it’s the economical approach to travelling. If you want to take the backpacker’s way to travelling, be ready to sacrifice the comfort of a 5 star hotel and be sure to eat at affordably priced restaurants- all without the comfort of luxurious accommodations and restaurants. This may seem like a downside, but the truth is backpackers can get the most out of their travelling experience because they get to meet more people and they get to experience more of the culture of the places they travel into all in an affordable travel package. Interested to be a backpacker? Here are some practical tips you can consider.

Keep Your Mobile Phone Handy

If there’s one primary thing that backpackers are concerned of it’s the issue of money. For backpackers, less expenses the better. That is why backpackers exhaust every means possible to avoid spending more than their allotted budget. One backpacker trip is to use mobile apps that allows you to make free international calling. One popular mobile application that is Rebtel’s free calling app- this mobile application allows the user to make free phone calls and send free messaging from one Rebtel user to the next. Hence, if you have relatives living in your place of travel destination or you need to send a message at home, just use mobile application like Rebtel.

Stay at Hostels with Free Meals

One of the practical ways you can save money on food is to stay at hostels. A hostel dispenses with the 5 star service of your own room or your own butler but this does not mean that you don’t have the basic necessities of comfort. With the hotel and hostel competition becoming a strict trade, hostels or breakfast inns are becoming competitive with their rates and services- which is good because travelers will now have more choices and will receive more service. Ergo, if you don’t want to spend too much on food, book accommodations with establishments that offer free meals.

Be Adventurous, Try Couchsurfing

What exactly is couchsurfing? It’s a practice among backpackers where you get to live with individuals for free or for little pay. It can be a little bit scary living with a complete stranger for several days, but the trick is to find someone who has been offering his home for this matter. There are even websites that offer names and addresses of homeowners that are willing to accommodate couchsurfers. Just browse the internet and travel blogs to find out more about a couchsurfer sponsor.

These are just of the few tips you can consider when travelling within the budget. Always remember, if you’re willing to sacrifice comfort, why not if it’s going to give you a wonderful experience.

Reasons in Visiting Larnaca

If you often suffer from problems with your life, you need to make sure in how to deal with it. There are many people who have the problems related to boredom and also entertainment. In this case, what you need to do is by conducting vacation. There have been many different places to visit as your vacation destination. What I want to discuss here is Larnaca Holidays. It is great to become your vacation destination actually. Larnaca is located in Cyprus. It is in the east side. It will be simple because Larnaca is near to the main airport of the island. There are many different reasons why people may visit Larnaca.

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Traveling to New Orleans? Don’t Miss These 5 Sights!

Founded in 1718, New Orleans is one of America’s oldest cities. Its French, Spanish and Creole heritage makes it one of the most culturally diverse cities in our nation as well. New Orleans is famous for its nightlife, music and food as well as its fascinating culture.


Don’t let your trip to New Orleans pass without visiting the French Quarter, the Arts District or the Garden District. Make sure you spend some time exploring Saint Louis Cemetery No.1 and enjoy the bohemian scene of the Faubourg Marigny. To take everything in, you should book your New Orleans accommodations at a centrally located hotel.

Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1

Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest and most well-known cemetery in New Orleans. It was founded in 1789 after a devastating fire forced the city’s redesign in 1788. Some of the graves include those of Homer Plessy, plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson, which upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation in the Deep South- Ernest N. “Dutch” Morial, first African-American mayor of New Orleans- and Bernard de Marigny, who gave us the game of craps. Nicolas Cage, who is not yet dead, made headlines in 2010 when he purchased a pyramid-shaped tomb for himself here.

Arts District

The Arts District, formerly known as the Warehouse District, started life as an industrial hub in the 19th century. Along these streets, merchants built the warehouses that sheltered the coffee, grain and other foodstuffs flowing into the city through the Port of New Orleans. Here you’ll find the 30,000 square foot Contemporary Arts Center, with galleries, theaters, studios and an atrium. You’ll also find the National World War II Museum, which has received almost two million visitors since it opened on the anniversary of D-Day in 2000. See faithful reproductions of the Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel and the Higgins boat used in the D-Day invasion. You can also see a Sherman tank, amphibious Jeep and C-47 fighter plane.

French Quarter

The French Quarter — or Vieux Carré, as it’s called in the local Creole dialect — is the city’s oldest neighborhood. The architecture here is a charming mix of French, Spanish, American and Creole styles. You can get a glimpse at what goes on behind the closed doors of the Quarter with a local home tour. Many French Quarter visitors tour the Gallier House, built by James Gallier, one of the city’s most celebrated architects. His house provides a first-class example of New Orleans architecture- visit in the summer to learn more about Summer Dress, the Creole style of appointing a house in order to keep it cool in the humid New Orleans summer. Sit in the shade at Jackson Square, browse the French Market, or try some local delicacies in this world-famous area of the city.

Garden District

The Garden District takes its name from its roomy, ostentatious gardens. Here you’ll find a neighborhood steeped in centuries of tradition. Homes still bear the names of the families who built them in the early 19th century, and canals, basins and fountains abound. Mosey through the neighborhood and take in its stylish, elegant homes and gardens. Relax beneath the shade of the oaks in Coliseum Square. Visit Magazine Street for eclectic shopping, antiques, restaurants and an Old World Irish barber.

Faubourg Marigny

Founded in 1806, the Faubourg Marigny is New Orleans’ second-oldest neighborhood. It was once the plantation of Bernard de Marigny, the inventor of craps. This artistic neighborhood offers its own distinctly European flavor with its artists’ studios, performance art spaces, independent galleries and rummage shops. Explore the streets of the Faubourg Marigny and examine the green, red and gold-painted Classic Revival and Creole cottages. Catch a jazz show at the Marigny Triangle near Frenchmen Street, or have a meal in one of the district’s many restaurants.

New Orleans’s culture and history make it one of the most enchanting cities in the nation. Take the time to explore some of the city’s most famous neighborhoods — the Garden District, the French Quarter and the Faubourg Marigny. Visit the art and history museums of the Arts District, or pay your respects to the dead at the Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1. In New Orleans, there is truly something for everyone.

About the Author: Contributing blogger Marie Delacroix is a native of New Orleans.

Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Orleans

Achieving your travel goals in 2014: Buy a vacation property

Making the decision to purchase a vacation home could be one of the soundest investments you make in 2014. Owning a vacation property is immensely rewarding – not just personally, but financially as well.

If you have a favourite holiday resort that you return to year after year because you know you’ll struggle to find anywhere better, then why not consider investing in a property there? Now is the time to purchase a second home in the US as prices are sitting at an all time low.

So whether you’re a sun and beach lover, extreme sports fanatic or potential retiree there are a huge number of homes available to meet pretty much any second home budget. You will need to conduct research of the area or areas you would like to invest in and have a good idea of the budget you’re working with.

Here are some more top tips for you to consider before you take the plunge:

Rent first then buy

There’s a huge difference between enjoying a resort as a holidaymaker and staying there regularly as a second homeowner. It’s a huge investment and therefore a good idea to rent a home similar to the property you would like to buy, in the location you would like to buy it in.

Living within a community or residential area is very different to experiencing the area from the safety of a hotel where your every need is catered for. Important questions must be answered, like: Are there enough local amenities? Does it feel safe? Are there good public transport links?

Experiencing the area as a rental resident first should mitigate any costly location mistakes.

Know what to look for in a second home

Once you have a pretty good idea on where and what type of property you would like to purchase, you should now be doing lots of research and looking for potential properties that meet your needs.

Talk to the locals – They’ll give you their honest opinion about the area (good and bad) and will be able to help recommend reliable local contractors like Hawaii Roofing, who can be relied upon to complete a job to a high standard, even if you can’t be there to supervise themWork with an experienced agent – They’ll work with your specific criteria and often find properties before they’ve even been released onto the market

Explore financial options

You’ll need to decide whether you’ll be buying the property outright or funding the purchase with a mortgage. You should also decide whether the home will be for your use only, or whether you’ll be renting it out, as this will make a huge difference to your financial options.

It’s not unusual for vacation home owners to overestimate the amount of time they’ll spend in a property, and therefore it may make good financial sense for you to rent your property for some of the year, as the income can be offset against the ongoing costs of running and maintaining the house.

If you rent your home for 14 days or less in a given year, you don’t have to pay any tax on the rental income.

Negotiate with the buyer

You may find that second home sellers are much more flexible and open to negotiation than primary homeowners. Don’t be afraid to make a cheeky offer, you’ll never know unless you ask!

– This article was written by freelance writer and mother of three, Kathryn Thompson. Follow her on Twitter: @katht35